Who We Are

Mushroom Growers

Many of us have been growing mushrooms for years, supplying ourselves, families, and local communities. It’s a passion and we’ve perfected our craft yet are continuously improving.

Cannabis Industry

Several of us have been in the cannabis industry for some time and see the many parallels between where cannabis was and where psilocybin is. You’ve seen us at cannabis events and we’ve likely smoked together.


Some of use are lifelong activists & provocateurs, while others are reluctantly so. In both cases, there is a desire to change outdated laws and social norms; to follow in the steps of cannabis activism and the great leaders from that world and apply the learnings here.

Where it all began

About Us

On August 4, 2020, four terminally-ill patients were approved by Canada’s Minister of Health to use psilocybin to treat their end-of-life distress. This will go down as a landmark decision in Canada’s War on Drugs and marks the first time that Canadians have been legally allowed to use psilocybin since it was made illegal in 1974. We applaud the work of Dr. Bruce Tobin in bringing this issue to Health Minister Patty Hajdu’s attention, and encourage her to make psilocybin more widely available as soon as possible.

The Canadian Psilocybin Collective was formed to help push forward what Dr. Tobin and Minister Hajdu have started. We’re a network of passionate Canadian mushroom growers and advocates from across Canada that has experienced the benefits of psilocybin first-hand. We have suffered and have watched our loved ones suffer. From mental health issues to chronic pain to the anxiety of facing death due to an incurable disease. We have suffered. And we have found relief.

Relief in the power of psilocybin mushrooms to help manage – and in some cases, confront and even overcome – the pain. And so we’ve been growing them for years; supplying our families, friends, and local communities with psilocybin so that its benefits can be experienced by those we care about most.

Now it’s time to reach further and think bigger. The Canadian Psilocybin Collective wants to give patients in need access to a safe and reliable supply of psilocybin mushrooms. We’re encouraging patients from across Canada who are battling for their minds to reach out and we’ll mail you psilocybin mushrooms. For free.

Our Collective is small but growing. We have a limited supply currently but, bolstered by the recent federal government decision, are ramping up production to help as many Canadians as possible.

Please visit our application page and tell us about your situation. We want you to experience the profound effect that psilocybin can have and hopefully it will bring you some peace – and maybe, just maybe, some sparks of joy – as you continue your journey.

Our Values

Compassion & Empathy

Everyone is going through struggles, each in their own way. We are here to help, not pass judgement or prescribe the one best way. Our role is to try to understand where you’re coming from and support you in your decisions.


The Canadian Psilocybin Collective wants to provide high-quality mushrooms consistently and reliably. As a new organization, we will be continuously working to improve our process and service. But it is our goal to be one you can count on.


Make no mistake: what we’re doing is frowned upon by society. And taking psilocybin mushrooms is currently illegal without a Section 56 exemption. But given the urgency and severity of the plight of many, we’ve made a decision to get involved. But we do so with the utmost privacy and discretion, to protect ourselves and to protect you.

Ready to Try Psilocybin?

The Canadian Psilocybin Collective offers free psilocybin to adult Canadian terminal patients who are facing end-of-life suffering.